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This is the Place to Get Your Fun Socks!

Welcome to Fancy Feet Sock Company and our retail online shopping portal! Our goal is to offer you the best combination of styles, sizes, and colors of any novelty sock store on the internet. While many sites selling similar products force you to buy two pairs of the same design, we allow you to choose the colors you like best.

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day socks!

We encourage you to save money by buying multiple pairs, any combination of styles or sizes. Buy 5 pairs and save 50 cents per pair, buy 10 or more pairs and save $1 per pair!  Like getting a pair for FREE.

There is a two (2) pair minimum order, shipping and handling, directly to you, is calculated based on where you live and how many socks you purchase.

If you have any questions there is an FAQ link above or feel free to use our contact form to send us a message, thank you.

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